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    Aerogel, also know as frozen smoke, is the world’s lowest density solid, clocking in at 96% air. If you hold a small piece in your hand, it’s practically impossible to either see or feel, but if you poke it, it’s like styrofoam. It supports up to 4,000 times its own weight and can withstand a direct blast from two pounds of dynamite. It’s also the best insulator in existence.

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    nearly every family on disney channel

    • goofy dumb parent(s)
    • naive older brother who is nice but a total idiot and is often the butt of the joke
    • sister who is the main character and thought of as the only sane member of the character and also has very good grades but may be a bit uptight
    • younger sibling who is an evil mastermind and always has some sort of scheme to profit off something

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    I’m so in love with this. I can’t even. Ah. My favourite feeling in the world is putting your head beneath the water and entering an entirely different place, So peaceful, so quiet. What I miss more than anything when I’m living away from the ocean is being able to duck under and leave all my worries on the surface.

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